Imposter Syndrome is Literally Costing You Money $$$

Most everyone has struggled with imposter syndrome at some point.

That feeling rooted in failure that you’re not good enough at what you do and that you’re fooling people into believing you’re better at your job than you really are; that your accomplishments happened by accident; that you are incompetent despite others’ perception of your successes. It’s an awful feeling.

But did you realize that it’s literally costing you money?

The cost of imposter syndrome.

  • Because you don’t feel “good enough,” you fear asking for the raise or promotion that you deserve
  • You believe that applying for better-paying jobs is a waste of time because you don’t deserve/aren’t worthy of a better job
  • You overwork because you feel like you need to prove yourself, which eventually leads to major burnout and stalls your career progression
  • You don’t go into business for yourself because you truly believe you will fail

What to do about it.

  • Realize your achievements – Keep a journal or document of everything you’ve accomplished
  • Shift away from “perfectionist” thinking and into “good enough” thinking, and allow small failures to be a normal part of life and work
  • Realize that you’re not alone – This is a very common phenomenon, and it’s especially common amongst female professionals and high-performing individuals
  • Treat yourself as you would someone else – Practice self-compassion
  • Stop comparing yourself to others
  • Distinguish between feelings and facts – You may feel like a failure, but facts will prove otherwise
  • Next time you’re afraid to ask for a raise, promotion, or new opportunity, do it anyways!
  • See a therapist or life coach! A skilled expert can help you realize your potential, overcome feelings of inadequacy, and accomplish your goals.