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The Millennial Mental Health Coach

Caitlin Hill

Me in a Nutshell: 

I was originally born and raised in Ohio, and moved to Florida in 2010 for warmer weather, more education, and career opportunities. I currently live in the Tampa area with my husband and two senior pugs. When I’m not coaching, I can be found enjoying Netflix, having s’mores by a campfire, or going to karaoke.

And yes, I am a millennial! Like many of you, I’ve had my fair share of challenges: Mental health struggles, wild dating stories, employment trauma, and student loan debt. My experiences have truly shaped who I am as both an individual and a mental health professional.

My Background:

I have a unique set of educational and professional experiences that have informed my career.

Both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees are in psychology, and I’ve also taken graduate-level coursework in mental health counseling. I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapy, meaning that when you come to session with me, I will take an active role in helping you challenge negative thoughts and behaviors and replace them with more positive ones.

I’ve also spent years in both coaching and therapy roles. When you come to me for coaching, you’ll be able to take comfort in the fact that I have the training and experience to effectively help you with anything you may need during our sessions. As a bonus, I am experienced in coaching internationally, and am always accepting international clients. I consistently keep a client base in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, and am experienced in cultural differences that may impact your life, mental health, and approach to coaching and therapy.

Like many of us Gen-Yers, my career path also hasn’t been straight and narrow. I took a detour in the corporate world for about six years, where I held various roles training and onboarding professionals, developing engagement and community strategies, and doing my best to promote DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) initiatives. I found that, unfortunately, companies weren’t always willing to put the mental health of their employees first, and it became clear to me that I needed to branch out and follow my own passion. From that, The Millennial Mental Health Coach was born.

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